Mark Hickey, MA, MSSW, LCSW, LCPAA

Mark Hickey has worked in the social work field for the past 19 years. During that time he has provided social work services to children and their families, individuals affected by serious medical problems, the seriously mentally ill, aged and disabled people, individuals and families dealing with end of life issues and services to the courts in providing social studies. He has also been involved program management, policy development and direct social work supervision. Over the past 10 years Mr. Hickey has been a consultant with numerous child placing agencies, assisting them with development of their program as well as staff. Mr. Hickey is a Licensed Child Placing Agency Administrator, and is very familiar with the Texas Family codes and the Texas Administrative Code as it relates to the family codes.

While working in child welfare Mark Hickey, supervised hundred of child custody cases, both as a unit supervisor and a direct services worker. During this time he conducted home studies and home evaluations, presented court testimony on hundreds of cases. Mr. Hickey is very familiar with the court system and is very comfortable in the legal setting. During his tenure with the state he was the legal liaison for the region, drafting many court orders to insure the state maintained conservatorship of the children in care. Later in his career, Mr. Hickey, has also been the director for several therapeutic child placing agencies with complete administrative authority. He was able to gain first hand clinical insight into the how the effects of child abuse and neglect affect children on a clinical level and impact their future functioning.

Mr. Hickey has extensive experience working with mentally ill adults and children. He is a licensed psychotherapist and has worked with individual with minor adjustment difficulties all the way to major mental disorders. He has worked for the department of psychiatry at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, both in their inpatient psychiatric unit as well as the psychiatric emergency room. During this time Mr. Hickey interviewed hundreds of individuals and conduct psychosocial evaluations to determine the person’s background as it relates to the criminal justice system, their substance abuse, medical, lifestyle, childhood and social history.

Mr. Hickey is particularly skilled and well qualified for conducting through investigations into an individual’s social history and determining reasons and explanations for their current behavior. He has an innate ability to connect past childhood trauma and abuse to an individual overall functioning. He has worked with hundreds of abused and neglected children and understands how their current behavior was affected by this history. He is also familiar with the state child protection agency and how it has failed to identify and provide appropriate services to abused and neglected children.

Because of his education, skills and experience, Mr. Hickey, is able to provide expert testimony and provide valid mitigating information in just about any criminal trial. He is able to provide testimony that is understandable to both district attorneys as well as juries. He is able in to assist in the development of appropriate and logical alternative sentencing plans. Due to his extensive knowledge of human behavior and the justice system, he would also be an asset during the Voir Dire, witness questioning, and overall trial strategies. He has assisted in these areas on many cases, leading to positive outcomes.

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